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MPlayer 1.0rc3 For All LINUX OS

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default MPlayer 1.0rc3 For All LINUX OS

مُساهمة من طرف admin في الجمعة 13 أغسطس 2010, 4:49 pm

MPlayer 1.0rc3


[ندعوك للتسجيل في المنتدى أو التعريف بنفسك لمعاينة هذا الرابط]


  • support for X8 frames (fixes "J-type picture is not supported" for WMV2)
  • support for DTS WAV/DTS-CD passthrough by ad_hwac3
  • Apple's raw YUV2 in MOV
  • LATM over LOAS AAC decoding via internal libfaad2
  • video game codecs: BFI video, Playstation MDEC video, ADPCM XA audio,
    EA Maxis XA ADPCM audio, RL2 video, Beam Software SIFF video, V.Flash PTX video
  • AVOption support for libavcodec-based decoders
  • use lavc ADPCM codecs by default
  • support for progressive JPEG in ffmjpeg
  • ACDSystems MJPEG (ACDV) via binary DLL and lavc
  • SIF1 via binary DLL
  • wincam screen capture (WCMV) via binary DLL
  • Creative Labs Video Blaster Webcam mjpeg (CJPG) via binary DLL and ijpg library
  • kensington webcam (AJPG, ABYR) via binary DLL
  • centre for wavelets (wavc) via binary DLL
  • GeoVision Advanced MPEG-4 (GMP4, GM40) via binary DLL
  • Xiricam JPEG from Veo PC Camera (XJPG) via binary DLL
  • WorldConnect Wavelet Video (SMSV) via binary DLL
  • VDOWave 3 advanced (VDO3, VDOM, VDOW) via binary DLL
  • VoxWare MetaVoice (format 0x0074) via binary DLL
  • Ulead DV Audio (0x215, 0x216) via binary DLL
  • GoToMeeting codec (G2M2, G2M3) via binary DLL
  • SP4x codec - used by Aiptek MegaCam (SP4x) via binary DLL
  • Broadway MPEG Capture Codec (BW10) via binary DLL
  • ZDSoft screen recorder (ZDSV) via binary DLL
  • WebTrain Communication lossless screen recorder (WTVC) via binary DLL
  • xfire video (XFR1) via binary DLL
  • VFAPI RGB transcode (vifp) via binary DLL
  • ETI CamCorder EYECON (NUB0, NUB1, NUB2) via binary DLL
  • fox motion (FMVC) via binary DLL
  • Trident video (TY2C, TY2N, TY0N) via binary DLL
  • 10-bit video (v210) via Cinewave binary DLL
  • Brooktree YUV 4:1:1 Raw (Y41P) via binary DLL
  • many rare/obscure fourccs for known formats added
  • lower priority for binary Linux rv3040 codecs due to bugs
  • remove native NuppelVideo decoder, use lavc instead


  • -lavfdopts cryptokey allows decrypting MXF and ASF files
  • support for wavpack in Matroska
  • AVOption support for lavf demuxing
  • prefer lavf musepack demuxer over libmpdemux
  • prefer lavf MOV demuxer over libmpdemux (use -demuxer mov for old behavior)
  • support program switching in lavf demuxer
  • support -slang in lavf demuxer
  • support nosound switching in lavf demuxer
  • support libass in lavf demuxer
  • support VOBsub in lavf demuxer
  • support MOV subtitle format
  • support for attachments in lavf demuxer
  • support for chapters in lavf demuxer
  • support seeking in multirate RealMedia files
  • FLAC speedup in lavf demuxer
  • MNG demuxer
  • remove native NuppelVideo demuxer, use lavf demuxer instead


  • vf_ow new overcomplete wavelet denoiser
  • change vf_screenshot dependency from libpng to lavc
  • add af_scaletempo which maintains audio pitch when changing playback speed
  • fix multi-channel reordering
  • af_stats filter to print information about the audio stream



  • DNxHD encoder
  • H.264 PAFF decoding
  • Nellymoser ASAO decoder
  • Beam Software SIFF demuxer and decoder
  • libvorbis Vorbis decoding removed in favor of native decoder
  • IntraX8 (J-Frame) subdecoder for WMV2 and VC-1
  • Ogg (Vorbis only) muxer
  • PC Paintbrush PCX decoder
  • Sun Rasterfile decoder
  • TechnoTrend PVA demuxer
  • Linux Media Labs MPEG-4 (LMLM4) demuxer
  • AVM2 (Flash 9) SWF muxer
  • QT variant of IMA ADPCM encoder
  • iPod/iPhone compatible MP4 muxer
  • Mimic decoder
  • MSN TCP Webcam stream demuxer
  • RL2 demuxer / decoder
  • IFF demuxer
  • 8SVX audio decoder
  • BFI demuxer
  • MAXIS EA XA (.xa) demuxer / decoder
  • BFI video decoder
  • OMA demuxer
  • MLP/TrueHD decoder
  • Electronic Arts CMV decoder
  • Motion Pixels Video decoder
  • Motion Pixels MVI demuxer
  • removed animated GIF decoder/demuxer
  • D-Cinema audio muxer
  • Electronic Arts TGV decoder
  • Apple Lossless Audio Codec (ALAC) encoder
  • AAC decoder
  • floating point PCM encoder/decoder
  • MXF muxer
  • E-AC-3 support added to AC-3 decoder
  • Nellymoser ASAO encoder
  • ASS and SSA demuxer and muxer
  • liba52 wrapper removed
  • SVQ3 watermark decoding support
  • Speex decoding via libspeex
  • Electronic Arts TGQ decoder
  • RV30 and RV40 decoder
  • QCELP / PureVoice decoder
  • hybrid WavPack support
  • R3D REDCODE demuxer
  • Electronic Arts TQI decoder
  • OpenJPEG based JPEG 2000 decoder
  • NC (NC4600) cameras file demuxer
  • MXF D-10 muxer
  • Generic metadata API
  • H.264 speedup and PAFF decoding (install Yasm for faster H.264 decoding)
  • correctly decode more of the H.264 conformance testsuite
  • VC-1/WMV3 decoder speedup
  • VP3 decoder speedup
  • VP6 decoder speedup
  • Split-Radix FFT (speedup multiple audio codecs)
  • MMX/SSE/ARM and other misc speedups


  • enable Alpha/ARM optimizations in libmpeg2
  • SSE2-optimized IDCT routines from upstream libmpeg2
  • libmpeg2 updated to version 0.5.1


  • replace PolypAudio by PulseAudio (-ao pulse)
  • add force-pbo suboption for faster output in vo_gl
  • add Nintendo Wii/GameCube video driver (-vo wii)
  • VIDIX driver for SuperH Mobile VEU hardware block
  • support -border on vo_gl/gl2 in x11
  • Direct3D Windows video output driver added
  • factorize code in vo_wii
  • removed unnecessary code from vo x11, xv, xvmc
  • add OS/2 DART audio driver (-ao dart)
  • add VDPAU video output
  • add OS/2 KVA video driver (-vo kva)


  • check for system-wide configuration file in MEncoder
  • AVOption support for lavc encoders
  • AVOption support for lavf muxers


  • many compiler warning fixes
  • basic support for Closed Captioning roll-up mode
  • reworked screensaver disabling support, most users will need to use
    -heartbeat-cmd due to screensaver authors failing to design a common API
  • grayscale decoding/encoding with FFmpeg disabled where it slowed down
    the color case
  • Linux AppleIR remote support
  • add options to disable some or all configuration files
  • support for DOS-style [ندعوك للتسجيل في المنتدى أو التعريف بنفسك لمعاينة هذا الرابط] paths
  • some new slave commands (check DOCS/tech/slave.txt)
  • libdvdcss updated to 1.2.10, now same as upstream version
  • fix -endchapter support again for -dump* options
  • add startup audio volume option
  • add option to disable default key binds
  • change default OSD and subtitle font size to a smaller default


  • various fixes and updates to match VSFilter renderer
  • support \blur tag and ScaledBordersAndShadow property
  • fractional arguments and subpixel accuracy
  • keep positions when pan-and-scan is used


  • small crash with vo_macosx fixed
  • AC3/DTS passthrough for ao_macosx
  • fix frozen OSD on OS X
  • vo_gl now works with -wid and nVidia drivers on Windows (this is a hack)
  • VIDIX on SuperH
  • workarounds for AltiVec on Apple gcc 3.3 on OS X dropped
  • vo_macosx can now be compiled in 64-bits mode
  • allow multiple MPlayer instances with vo_macosx using buffer_name
  • OpenGL support for unmodified MinGW64


  • new LGPLed YUV to RGB tables generator

[ندعوك للتسجيل في المنتدى أو التعريف بنفسك لمعاينة هذا الرابط]


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